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90 30 Chess Tournaments

"90m30s.org" provides competition to internet chess players who like slow time controls,
on the premier place to play chess on the net, the Internet Chess Club  (ICC). 

Season 5 - started 19 September 2023

Entries for Season 5 are now open. For anyone who would like to join, please send ICC message to "fhunfi" with text
"Please add me to Individual Open Swiss system 90m+30s (Sep 19, 2023 - Nov 13, 2023)"

To see list of participants so far, for Season 5, click on "Participants" link on the left

The archive of past seasons (Season 1 to 4) is under the Archive menu on left sidebar


  • 90m30s.org is the club for players at ICC who would like to practice and feel the atmosphere of the Classical 90m+30s time control chess game.
  • We are affiliated with TEAM 45 45 team4545league.org (who also use ICC)
  • We will regularly organize an Individual Open Swiss system tournament, during the period of intermission (6 weeks) between the end of Rd-6 of the current Team 4545 season and the beginning of Rd-1 of the next Team 4545 season.
  • Date/ Time to play in each Round is : by negotiation between the two players (similar to Team 4545). ICC messaging is used for this.
  • The Tourney will be 4 rounds, with a time span of 2 weeks for each Round, so you will have 14 days to negotiate the date/time and play the game with your opponent in any particular Round.
  • Depending on the number of participants, we might have 1 Section only, or divide it into 2 Sections (or possible 3 Sections) based on Rating Category.
  • Considering that September 19th will be the end date of Round-6 of the current Team4545 season (T97) and November 7th will be the start date of Rd-1 of next Team4545 season (T98),
    Season 5 of 90m+30s will start on Sep 19, 2023 and will end on Nov 13, 2023.  
  • Schedule:
    Round 1 : Sep 19 - Oct 02
    Round 2 : Oct 03 - Oct 16
    Round 3 : Oct 17 - Oct 30
    Round 4 : Oct 31 - Nov 13
  • For anyone who would like to join, please send ICC message to "fhunfi" with text
    "Please add me to Individual Open Swiss system 90m+30s (Sep 19, 2023 - Nov 13, 2023)"
  • then we will add you to the list of participants & will send you further announcement after The pairing of Rd-1 is generated.
  • Upper Section Winner: Video Series
    https://store.chessclub.com/videos/prize-winner - $129.95 Value
  • Lower Section Winner: Video Series
    https://store.chessclub.com/videos/prize-winner - $129.95 Value

  • 1 winner in each section  (better Tie-Break score will be used if needed)
  • Anyone can ASK / REQUEST BYE in any round, and 0.5 points will be given ( for 1 time only).
    - For next ASK / REQUEST BYE, it is 0 point.
    - For ASK / REQUEST BYE in last round, it is 0 point.
  • It is very much Preferable & Suggested to ASK / REQUEST BYE before a new round pairing is generated, instead of a forfeit lose.
  • When pairings are odd, 1 point BYE will be given to a player selected by System.
  • Anyone can LATE_JOIN at Rd-2 and will be given a 0.5 starting point.
    For Rd-3 and Rd-4 LATE_JOIN there will be no 0.5 starting point given.
  • In a Classical 90m+30s chess game, both players start with 90 minutes each at the beginning of the chess game, and then, each time a player moves, that player gets an additional 30 seconds added on to their time (this is called an 'increment')
  • Note : In 90m+30s time control game, you must be ready to allocate 4 hours of time, assuming that both players use almost all their time, plus 30s increment.

Sponsors: Prizes donated by ICC