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90 30 Chess Tournaments


19 Sep 2023 - 02 Oct 2023

You have 2 weeks timespan (Sep 19 - Oct 02) to communicate & negotiate (privately via ICC message) with your opponent and play the game before Oct 02 (end of Round-1).

Please send ICC message later to "fhunfi" about: Date/ Time you will play the game. 

The time reference for communication is ICC time (EST / NY time).

It will be very helpful if you can put your Time Zone in your ICC profile, so that each of you can make 'reasonable offer' when scheduling.

Please check this page regularly, as "fhunfi" will be updating the data (Result & Date/ Time Played) at this page from time to time.

The Round-1 PGN games Link (that will store PGN of all games in Rd-1) 
and Standing Link will also be updated from time to time.
  • How to start the game with 90m+30s time control:

    White player can send the challenge to Black player (Black player ICC handle let say XXXXX) with command: match XXXXX 90 30 w r
      ... or ...
    Black player can send the challenge to White player (White player ICC handle say YYYYY) with command: match YYYYY 90 30 b r

There is a 20-Minute Grace Period to show up for a scheduled game.  You must wait for your opponent until 20 minutes after the agreed game time.  If he does not show up by then, you win. The grace period is intended to assist when rare unavoidable complications of life prevent us from showing up on time.

Anyone can ASK / REQUEST BYE for Rd-2, and 0.5 points will be given.
The deadline for Bye Request is 
Sep 30

 Rd-1 Upper Section Pairing

                     betterone76 withdraw from tourney
                     Gojira will Late-Join in Rd-2 (with 0.5 starting pts)

Rd-1 Lower Section Pairing

                     Manch withdraw from tourney
                     ticktockman will Late-Join in Rd-2 (with 0.5 starting pts)

Sponsors: Prizes donated by ICC