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90 30 Chess Tournaments


26 Mar 2024 - 08 Apr 2024

You have 2 weeks timespan (Mar 26 - Apr 08) to communicate & negotiate (privately via ICC message) with your opponent and play the game before Apr 08 (end of Round-1).

Please send ICC message later to "fhunfi" about: Date/ Time you will play the game. 

The time reference for communication is ICC time (EST / NY time).

It will be very helpful if you can put your Time Zone in your ICC profile, so that each of you can make 'reasonable offer' when scheduling.

Please check this page regularly, as "fhunfi" will be updating the data (Result & Date/ Time Played) at this page from time to time.

The Round-1 PGN games Link (that will store PGN of all games in Rd-1) 
and Standing Link will also be updated from time to time.
  • How to start the game with 90m+30s time control:

    White player can send the challenge to Black player (Black player ICC handle let say XXXXX) with command: match XXXXX 90 30 w r
      ... or ...
    Black player can send the challenge to White player (White player ICC handle say YYYYY) with command: match YYYYY 90 30 b r

There is a 20-Minute Grace Period to show up for a scheduled game.  You must wait for your opponent until 20 minutes after the agreed game time.  If he does not show up by then, you win. The grace period is intended to assist when rare unavoidable complications of life prevent us from showing up on time.

Anyone can ASK / REQUEST BYE for Rd-2, and 0.5 points will be given.
The deadline for Bye Request is 
Apr 05

For everyone's concern: 

Rd-1 is Mar 25 - Apr 08

For the smooth and successful negotiation, please send offer to your opponent as early as you can.
That way both of you will find the maximum flexibility, even more if both of you are in different continent with difficult time zone to deal with.

If 1 side had sent ICC msg offer, but opponent never replied ICC msg until 3 days before the deadline (Fri, Apr 05), he/she can let me know by sending copy of their ICC msg offer, then I will declare forfeit win.

If a player is forfeited, due to zero communication with opponent, or fail to show up in agreed schedule (without explanation afterward), he/she will be put in Pause in next Round until he / she contacts back TD (Tournament Director) explaining. 

                      Rd-1 Upper Section Pairing

Amburn withdraw from tourney

                       Rd-1 Lower Section Pairing

Selected and annotated game from Round-1 by amicusuk is:

Upper Section Board 5
justice02 vs PaulRichard

For more inquiries and assistance, please contact the Tournament Director 
Chien, at ICC (finger fhunfihttps://app.chessclub.com/profile/fhunfi

Special thanks to my 2 best friends that make this all possible:
Our webmaster Matthew / ICC finger fulmar https://app.chessclub.com/profile/fulmar
and our superb leader Marvin / ICC finger chesskix https://app.chessclub.com/profile/chesskix

Sponsors: Prizes donated by ICC